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First steps in agent-based modelling with Netlogo

Agent-based modelling (ABM) has been taken by storm disciplines as diverse as ecology and social science. Now it is your turn to give it a go. Learn how to use the software in just under 2 hours and explore the possibilities that this popular complexity science technique may give you. We will provide an introduction to ABM using NetLogo, an open-source platform for building agent-based models, which combines an user-friendly interface, a simple coding language and a vast library of model examples, making it an ideal starting point for entry-level agent-based modellers, as well as a useful prototyping tool for more experienced programmers. The first part of the workshop will be devoted to demonstrating the basics of modelling with NetLogo through a set of worked examples. This should give each participant enough skill and confidence to tackle the second exercise: building a simple simulation in a small group. Finally, throughout the workshop we will hold a ‘drop-in’ clinic for anyone who would like to discuss their ideas for an agent-based simulation, needs help developing a model or would like to further explore the resources already developed by ABM modellers.

Run by: Iza Romanowska, a postgraduate research student at the Institute for Complex Systems Simulation and the Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins, University of Southampton, UK.

Intended audience: Anyone interested in the afore mentioned topic.

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge of coding or ABM is required but we will ask the participants to bring their own laptops and install NetLogo beforehand.

Software Carpentry

The workshop consists of two parallel training sessions based on Software Carpentry workshops. The first session covers version contol with Git. The second session focuses on introduction to Shell. Details can be found in the Workshop's webpage: Software Carpentry

Intended audience: Anyone interested in computational tools to automate, improve and organize their research.

Requirements: Check Software Carpentry