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Research Themes

The conference will consist of several hands-on workshops and a number of parallel sessions of 3-6 presentations each. The general themes of the conference are as follows:

  • Theory of Complexity Science

  • Self-organization, nonlinear dynamics and chaos, mathematical and simulation modeling methodology

  • Network Science

  • Technological networks, spatial networks, infrastructure, ecology, social networks, Internet

  • Planning and Industry

  • Critical infrastructures, urban planning, mobility, transport, sustainability

  • Earth System Complexity

  • Climate change, ocean, atmosphere, ice and solid earth dynamics

  • Biological Complexity

  • Darwinian neurodynamics, systems biology, ecology, ecosystem services, medicine

  • Evolution and the Origin of Life

  • Evolutionary systems, origin of life theory, major evolutionary transitions, generative and developmental systems, artificial life

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Swarm intelligence, embodied cognition, robotics, neuroscience

  • Social Systems

  • Linguistics, demography, psychology, health, past societies

  • Economics and Finance

  • Markets and stability, trade, public policy, game theory

  • Engineering and Physical Sciences

  • Quantum dynamics, statistical mechanics, optimisation, turbulence, computational chemistry, nanotechnology, energy