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Granada Information

  • Hostal Boca Negra
  • One of the cheapest private-room accommodations. Highly recommended for people on a budget. They are a 15 minute walk away from the conference venue. Prices start at 10 Euros/Night for a double (with shared bathroom) or 24 Euros/Night for a double with private bathroom. Free Wifi. Laundry Service. 5 minutes away from the city centre and popular local bars.
  • Hotel MaciĆ” Monasterio De Los Basilios
  • 5 Minute walk away from the conference venue. Mid-range option. Prices go between 50 and 65 Euro/Night. Free Wifi. In-situ "arab baths" (hot water indoor pools).
  • Hotel Senator Granada Spa
  • High in the price range. Just a 5 minute walk from/to the venue. Prices vary between 65 and 90 Euros/Night depending on room types and early booking discounts. In-situ Spa costs 16 Euros/Person per session (Booking Required). Free Standard wifi connection (high-speed optional, at cost).
  • Hotel Saray
  • A comfortable and rather expensive option. Expect to pay between 85 and 100 Euros/Night for a room. Ideal location right in front the conference venue. Pool. Free wifi with online booking.
The north-eastern region from the venue has a high concentration of close-by restaurants. Further North (above the Genil river) there is a great number of them. Between 10 and 20 minutes away, walking. Here's a short assorted list of restaurants in the area:
  • Restaurante El Ventorrillo
  • Convenient location. Good ratings and excellent service. Bar and Grill. Less than 5 minutes away from the venue.
  • La Lonja de Granada
  • Great "tapas" variety, excellent service. Friendly atmosphere. Less than 5 minutes from the venue.
  • El Chikito
  • Regional cuisine, Traditional Andalusian/Arab. 12 minutes away from the venue.
  • Cantina Mexicana Chile Grande
  • Mexican Food, Spicy and colourful. 12 minutes away from the venue.
  • Restaurante Raices
  • Vegetarian Restaurant. Daily Menu, Fresh Food. 9 minutes from the venue.